Ever heard of the League of Angels game?

Interaction between characters in League of Angels is what truly drives each episode’s remarkable narrative.  Put simply, Athene needs a new group:  Fairy, Mikaela, and Sunniva (okay, maybe not that old goat).  After Athene is rescued from a monster mauling by two new faces, things start to get interesting.

As usual, this collective – comprising Fairy and her ‘different’ daughter Sunniva  are fighting various monsters in the RPG world of League of Angels–While exploring the fantasy nature, cominng across many underlying issues, conflicts, alliances… and tantalising glimpses into secrets that will no doubt prove narrative skills as the game unfolds. We’ve a feeling it’ll be Athene that either ignites or defuses many of these – there are already some juicy opportunities to raise hackles and throw her (albeit it diminutive) weight around.


We’d never pictured Athene as the scheming type (and didn’t play her as such on our initial playthrough) but it’s an intriguing new potential side to her character – having to play these strangers off against one another to gain integration to be the queen of the lands. Sunniva is truly lost at this point, because she has to gather many resources such as diamonds, gold, vouchers and have enough stamina  to fight all the enemys coming her way.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting journey; without wanting to sound to serious we’re just hoping R2 games brings some light to Mikaela’s life to buffer all of that suffocating darkness, as there certainly isn’t much hope in this particular instalment.her arms around herself as a gust of cold wind scatters leaves around her – help serve to neatly ram home the bleakness. Meanwhile, the acting chops continue to be of a dazzling standard.

Sticking firmly to its established mechanics, League of Angels plays it decidedly safe from a gameplay point of view – with a spot of button mashing and hot-spot clicking your lot. Truthfully, we’d really like to see some more sophisticated point-and-click tropes manifesting in future updates – instances that require a bit more gold and a little less energy to solve. Indeed, at times LOA hardly feels like a game at all; even the arena seems to have a high praise. Even though when playing, to be the best you need to buy resources and you can come across many cheaters in the game who use League of Angels hack.

Still, when the narrative is this spellbinding and the price this attractive (less than 20 diamonds for some items, with discounts often forthcoming later on down the road), it really is almost impossible not to recommend. In terms of both harrowing moments and pumping action then,  playing mage or warrior – even if it feels a little disjointed at times. We can accept that; this is a tricky first act that’s all about the setup, after all. That said, this game is still certainly strong enough to stand on its lonesome.



What to learn from One piece treasure cruise

Have you watched One Piece? Let me tell you when I was little I couldn’t stop watching this awesome manga. I’ve loved the manga for years till today and I’ve watched all episodes. Any way I’ll be writing about the game One Piece just released a few months back, called One Piece Treasure Cruise. I was very excited when I heard for the game to be released but the bad news were that it will be only available for iOS and Android platform. As such huge fan I am, I decided I’ll buy an iPod just for that special game.

So after weeks of playing it, I’ve decided that I have to share a review with you guys on my website. When you start the game, you have to assemble a crew of 5 characters with which you have to combine powerful attack combos in battles in order to defeat your enemies. While defeating many enemies which come across your journey through the world, your characters gain experience and with that they level up. Later on in the game they can evolve into more dangerous species with way more powerful attacks.

There are quests in One Piece Treasure Cruise, which I suggest you to do them daily if if you want to make fast progress. The main resources are stamina, beli and gems. My favourite character to level up was definitely Luffy because I admired him when I was kid. I forgot to tell you that the game is free to play, so if you have an iPad or something like that and some free time I highly suggest you to go try the game. You can unlock new characters by using your precious gems or while defeating strong enemies. For evolving your characters you will need plenty of beli. beli is a important resource in One Piece Treasure cruise and I’ll explain you how you can get thousands of them with not much work very soon.

The battle system is enjoyable to be honest, but as I said before I would much rather have a skill based game, all through this game requires quite a loot of thinking involved, so guess that is skill in some way. Let me explain you now how I got my hand on thousands of beli’s very quick. I’ve searched around the internet for beli farming guides and I came across a website I very much enjoy, which helped me in the past much when playing games and making progress and once again the managed to create amazing One Piece Treasure Cruise cheats.

As you saw from my previous posts, there are many cheats and hacks for games, well One piece Treasure Cruise hack exists too, or should say cheats. I’ve found this website http://hackscheats.gamingownage.us/one-piece-treasure-cruise-hack-and-cheats/ which I’ve bookmarked in the past but totally forgot about it. If you follow the instructions on the website, it lets you download One Piece Treasure Cruise cheats which work awesome. With them I generated so much beli and coins you wouldn’t believe and it saved me so much time from farming those resources which I don’t have any way because of my much time consuming job.

So if you’re like me and love One Piece but don’t have much time I suggest you to take a look, but you could always take it slowly and take your time evolving your characters. Hope you liked my review about the free game called One Piece Treasure Cruise, see you next time.



Gangstar Vegas: Truth be told

It’s me again, with another game review, this time we will be speaking about Gangstar Vegas. The game is similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, but not for the same platforms. Gangstar Vegas got widely known because of the open world it takes place.

It is a famous Android/iOS game created by Gameloft. You are playing a character named Jason Malone which one day wins a boxing fight which he was supposed to throw and with that action his life is in danger because he lost a lot of money for the gangster boss Frank. Everything from that point you do is trying to escape the powerful Mafia which has much power in Vegas and deep connections. Moving your character is fairly hard, this is probably the only thing I disliked while playing Gangstar Vegas. you can climb obstacles which is pretty cool, you can even do parkour if that is interesting for you.


Awesome boxing match!

The driving is pretty awesome, I mean the mechanic is just flawless. The only thing missed was the car horn, so I wasn’t able to scare people off. I liked the graphic, in my opinion it was very well done. The characters seem to be unique and in much details, water actually looks like water, there is sun, rain and much more stuff which they went very into details. You are able to do many things in Gangstar Vegas, like main missions , side missions and more, which you can do with your friends in Co-Op mode.

There is auto aim, which means you can’t free aim. I dislike this because I always liked skill oriented games. There is of course a level system, you start from 1 and when you progress and level you you get skill points with which you can purchase upgrades for different weapons, or change Jason’s appearance. There are many races you can attend when you don’t feel like participating in your story missions. With each level you achieve there is more unlocked stuff on the map and at one point you unlock also fight tournaments.

The main resources in Gangstar Vegas are cash, skill points and keys. Gathering all these resources take up much time, so I suggest you look around the web for Gangstar Vegas cheats or Gangstar Vegas hack. Let me explain what I mean by that, there are various services on the internet which provides you with bots. The bots auto generate resources to your Gangstar Vegas account so you don’t have to spent that valuable time or perhaps money gathering them.

When I searched around for a working Gangstar Vegas hack, people highly suggested me this one here. I tried it and i liked it because it worked flawless. I’ll be testing their services in the future, so you might see me noticing them in upcoming game reviews. I highly suggest you trying out Gangstar Vegas, it is an amazing game i have to say. If you don’t have much time, you can always take the short cut I told you about but if you are a honest game you can always become the best by hard grind.



Simple facts about Moviestarplanet you wont believe
Have you ever heard of Moviestarplanet? It is a game that many children play, in which you are creating your own movie star with which you can do films, enter chat room and such. Today I will be writing an honest review about MSP and how I tested the game for ten days straight.
The awesome gameplay can be seen below:

The virtual money in Moviestarplanet is starcoins and fame, which you can get while participating in any kinds of events in the MSP world. You can also earn those resources by publishing your very own video and when other players watch your movie you get some starcoins and fame from it. You start from level zero and while gathering resources you get experience and level up, which then allows you to do more stuff in the game, like unlocking new animations and have extra access to chat rooms.
With starcoins you can purchase all in game items, such as costumes, clothes and film accessories which let’s you to film even better films and gather fame quicker. Now lets describe what I saw in the ten days I’ve played Moviestarplanet, reviewing if it is children save and appropriate. The first thing I noticed while signing up was that they pay extra attention for security to keep their social network as safe as possible. But the further I got into the game I noticed that that isn’t really the case as I got the feeling that everything is made just for money gathering.
The shop was very expensive in my opinion, for few clothes and extra animations the price was just too high. I felt sorry for the children’s parents because I could imagine already how they had to pay for all those worthless clothes. As I got more into the community I met many players who were complaining how hard it is to get levels, by that I mean fame and the resource called starcoins. I also saw a pattern in that, all those players weren’t paying anything to play which made me think that Moviestarplanet is much p2w (pay to win).
I’ve spoken to a player which claimed he’s playing the game for many years now and that he knows every little detail about it. We spoke for hours but one detail still bothers me to this very day and it is a main reason I’m actually writing this review. He said: There are many players who are using cheats for Moviestarplanet, or should I call it Moviestarplanet hack. It shocked me, I instantly started researching on the topic Moviestarplanet cheats, but I mostly only saw guides on how to improve and get better the legit way.
After that followed the topic Moviestarplanet hack, which you wouldn’t believe, it was full or services, bots and generators. I’ve read many reviews about them and many claimed that those generators add any kind of resources you want to your account.
Many claimed that this website is providing the most safe and powerful service when it comes to starcoins and fame: http://hackscheats.gamingownage.us/moviestarplanet-cheats-and-hacks-fame-starcoins-vip/. I tried it and it worked but overall I dislike Moviestarplanet. I don’t think it is a good place for children to spent their free time. The content is not appropriate for them in any way and the shop prices are just too high, I mean I couldn’t even afford them. I will give Moviestarplanet a rating of 2 from 10.



Blitz Brigade Cheats,Tips&Tricks
Have you played Blitz Brigade yet? I’ll tell you a interesting story when I’ve played this game for quite some time. So you will have some insight what the game is about, I’ll describe it first. Blitz Brigade is a FPS multiplayer for platforms as iOS and Android.


FPS stands for first person shooter and mutliplayer means that many players are competing online versus each other. You mostly are gaining experience and gathering resources such as diamonds and coins. When you gather enough of those you can purchase better equipment and weapons.
All Blitz Brigade weapons:


The game modes are only team deathmatch and dominion, I really hope they add more in the future. There are many challenges which you have to beat in order to unlock achievements. With coins you can purchase VIP which helps you quite a lot while playing Blitz Brigade. The game is like Team Fortress 2, by that I mean the cartoon-style graphic and the most player versus player is currently 6 versus 6. There are 5 classes currently, with many weapons you can unlock with each, but you can purchase all weapons with real money.

Well, hope this is enough for you to understand what Blitz Brigade is about, time for me to tell you the story I promised. I really enjoyed playing Blitz Brigade from the first day till today and in between some funny stuff happened. I was a amateur from the start, I just couldn’t get much kills per one deathmatch, but anyway I was happy to gather those sweet coins and diamonds to upgrade my stuff. As I got higher level and better weapons the game became even more enjoyable for me because I wasn’t such a noob any more, heh.

To be so good as I am today, I read many Blitz Brigade cheats, guides and any tips to improve in general. I found a special site which had many tutorials regarding Blitz Brigade cheats, I followed it daily and soon after following all of their tips I became really good at the game. People started to call me cheater and words like that. You can send people friend requests and I got many daily. Some respected me for the skill I had and the others just couldn’t take it and kept insulting me.

See how interesting it can get in this game, its real fun.

So after a while I had enough that people called me that, so I looked up what is going on with the topic Blitz Brigade hack. I saw many services providing all kinds of tools and I disliked it because I’ve earned all that skill and some can just use Blitz Brigade hack to level up and such, unfair I thought. Then, I looked it from a different view, I thought:wow, I am really a beast, beating all those players without any accessories. Anyway because I wanted one special weapon which requires many diamonds, which I would need to gather them for weeks, I decided to give one of the Blitz Brigade hack a try.

When i played Blitz Brigade with a sniper rifle.  :-)

Upon searching around the internet I found this website: http://hackscheats.gamingownage.us/blitz-brigade-hack-cheats-ios-and-android/ and decided to give them a try. After trying the tool out, it turned out that the Blitz Brigade cheats actually work and I’m a happy owner of this new amazing weapon. So if you are searching for ways to unlock weapons quickly in Blitz Brigade I suggest you try them or be a honest player and work your way up.



An amazing Growtopia story


Growtopia is a quite popular game these days, many people play it from all around the world like Canadians, Armenians etc. It is a phone based game, by that I mean Android or iOS.
For those that do not know, this is what growtopia looks like:

The graphic in Growtopia isn’t the best but the game play really makes up for it. The game is much like Minecraft, by that I mean the interface, the way the game play looks and of course because the genre is MMO crafting.  The actual ingame graphics can be seen on the image below:


When I tried Growtopia I didn’t really like the characters design but in time I got used to it. I also didn’t know anything about the game when I started playing it, so I searched around for Growtopia cheats. I was surprised how many cheats are out there for Growtopia, all for separated devices like Android and iOS, there were tons of people writing guides how to be a better player, how to gather resources faster like gems.
By reading all those Growtopia cheats guides I soon became a decent player but soon I realised that I will have a hard time reaching the top, because people keep invading my land and destroying everything. Soon I came up with a plan, how to challenge them:Farm lots of gems and then rebuild my empire, in hopes to beat the ones who were destroying me in the past.
After few months of no-stop grinding gems and extras (which aren’t hard to obtain by the way) I decided to re-build my world. Days of building passed and my Growtopia world looked just as I wanted, it was perfect and I thought nobody could touch my strong defence I made. Well, I was very wrong because I woke up just to find everything destroyed again. That time I contacted a friend from Canada which I knew he was playing Growtopia daily, to ask him for some tips and stuff.
I was very shocked when he told me that the majority of the best player are using hacks, or should I say hack tool. To explain you what that means, basically they find a working Growtopia hack on the internet and with help of that they generate all kinds of resources you would like, in this case it’s gems and extras.
That moment I realised I won’t never beat them, at least no the fair way. I quickly jumped to my computer and with a promising mindset I started typing into Google Growtopia hack, how to hack in Growtopia and such. Once again, I was shocked how many results are out there providing you just everything you need. After a while, researching which Growtopia hack works the best
I decided to try this one: http://hackscheats.gamingownage.us/growtopia-hack-and-cheats-unlimited-gems. After doing everything I’ve been told by that website, I finally got my Growtopia hack.
I opened the tool and everything looked promising. 10 minutes passed while I was entering my information and how much resources I would like to have. The moment of truth came, I pressed that big shiny button ”start” and logged into my Growtopia account instantly, filled with joy that I have those 10k gems I just generated.
Finally, all the hard work I made to succeed in Growtopia has paid off, I had 10000 gems, you wouldn’t believe how happy I was..


I started screaming: This Growtopia cheats are awesome, they work perfectly, I have to tell my Canadian friend Josh about this!
In less than 3 days I’ve crushed all competition in Growtopia and nobody was messing with me anymore. Hope you liked my story how I spent months becoming the best player there is in Growtopia.




We at Armen-info are interested into bilingual information regarding Armenia, Armenians and everything related to Armenian. Note that our special attention goes to Canadian-Armenian issues and facts.


There are lots of Armenian in Canada, to be exact the number is around 50000, while 30000 of them speak their native tongue. Most of them come from nation in the east and a small percent from Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union,  Canada.

Largely increased the immigration from Armenia. Most Armenians in Canada are located in Quebec and Ontario. The largest immigration for Armenians was during the 19th to 20th, when the policies became easier. Most of Armenians come from Iran, Egypt, Syria Turkey and Lebanon. Today most of them are living a happy life in Canada while being quite active in the community.

Two days ago, the Armenians worldwide celebrated the 24th Independence day, in Canada, the National Commitee wished all their Armenian citiziens a bright and good future. Now let us describe Armenia with some words. Their current president is Serzh Sargsyan and the prime minister is Hovik Abrahamyan.

The ethnic groups are almost 100% Armenians, some Yazidis and Russians. Now lets take a look at some Armenian-Canada facts. The history books say that the earliest records of Armenians showing up in Canada goes back to 1618, when Martin the Armenian brought a colony with him.

There are quite many popular or should i say famous Armenians in Canada, such as Arshile Gorky, Andrea Martin and the list could continiue on. We at armen-info just recently decided to bring this website back alive after many years.

In the past we had no time to run such projects but since we’re getting old and we got more time to focus on such important topics for us, it should be no problem updating the website with fresh content. You should bookmark us for sure if you are interested in such topic as Armenian-Canada relations etc. as we promise to keep updating the site with quality content.

Stay tuned for updates,

  • Armen-info Team